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PASSION IN THREE SHADES - Our NEW stunning 3 plant collection. These Hardy Perennial Climbers have been container grown so can be planted at any time of the year.

Key Information:  Product Code: GPASSIONIN3SGADES

Name: PASSION IN THREE SHADES - Our NEW stunning 3 plant collection. These Hardy Perennial Climbers have been container grown so can be planted at any time of the year.

Description: Our new collection is a real stunner. It includes 3 passion flower plants that will dazzle in your garden. Passion flowers have the most incredible and exotic blooms that liven up any garden. If your garden is feeling a little lack lustre and you want something exotic and flashy to bring the spark back then this is the collection for you. Passion flowers are perfect climbers for structures like pergolas, trellis, archways, or indeed through other varieties of your favourite trees or shrubs. The trouble free climbers cling with tendrils so won't damage brickwork or fences! Passion Flowers are profuse bloomers in early summer to late autumn. These hardy vines will not disappoint and will reward you year on year. After flowering they produce egg-shaped, orange-yellow fruits and these can be left on the plants for decoration. The fruits are edible but do not have an outstanding flavour! The leaves on the Passion Flower are very pretty too, deeply lobed, dark green and glossy. The Passion Flower was given its name by missionary priests in South America who saw a resemblance between the flower and elements of Christ's passion. The ten flower segments were said to represent the ten apostles (Peter and Judas were not included), the corona the crown of thorns, the five stamens Christ's five wounds and the three stigmas the three nails. This Passion Flower has exceptionally good disease resistance and prefers to be planted with sun to partial shade. When newly planted this climber likes it roots kept cool - so mulch well with a good quality forest bark. Passion Flowers require very little pruning except to direct growth. Our Passion Flower plants are hardened off and supplied shooting well on a cane in a 9cm pot ready for planting in your garden or favourite patio container. Our collection includes: Passiflora 'Amethyst' - VIOLET flowers. Passiflora 'White Lightning' - WHITE flowers. Passiflora 'Purple Rain' - MAUVE-PURPLE flowers.

Size of plant supplied : 9cm pot grown and posted WITH pot so root system is protected Height of plant supplied : from bottom of pot to top of foliage approx 20cm Position: full sun or partial shade. Grows quite well in partial shade, although it won't flower as much
Soil: humus-rich, moist, well drained soil or multi-purpose compost and feed well Growth rate: quick-growing, can be limited by pruning Flowering period: June to Sept.and 2nd flush later in the season as foliage matures
Flower colour: Passiflora 'Amethyst' - VIOLET flowers, Passiflora 'White Lightning' - WHITE flowers,Passiflora 'Purple Rain' - MAUVE-PURPLE flowers. Hardiness: frost hardy Other features: Good disease resistance and hard leaf structure, not prone to mildew or leaf insect markings.
PRUNING: Tidy and remove any weak or dead stems. For detailed guide to planting and pruning view and view the climbing plant care guide FEEDING: We recommend our 'Grower Quality Climbing Plant Food' available in the shop - normal strength weekly from mid-May to September and our granular feed after pruning Wildlife: attractive to beneficial garden insects

Quantity: 1 X Passiflora 'Amethyst'. 1 X Passiflora 'White Lightning'. 1X Passiflora 'Purple Rain'. All in 9cm pots. Container grown Garden Ready Plant. Plants supplied pruned and shooting well, ready for planting.

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